Almond Breeze


The non-diary category is extremely competitive and price sensitive. Almond Breeze understood this and wanted a campaign that elevated their brand at Sobeys' to increase retail velocity through awareness and consumer education.

The Opportunity

The success of this program would increase our share of shelf, our distribution across Sobeys and help secure Almond Breeze as the #2 brand in the category.

The Process

To drive consumer education, brand awareness, and retail velocity at Sobeys we built out a robust influencer campaign focusing on broadcasting the experience of purchasing Almond Breeze products at Sobeys. The 30 branded influencers shopped, shared and consumed Almond breeze in a viral takeover of the non diary category. We then choose the top 5 performing influencers and geographically target Sobeys stores across Canada.

The Solution

The campaign resulted in $60,000 of earned media value, over 2MM eyeballs reached, 212 pieces of user-generated content, and 40,000 engagements. Most importantly, sales increased by +36%during the campaign.


Canadians reached in 2021


Clicks generated to eCommerce platforms


Active influencer in our database


Podcast shows, 40,000 monthly downloads


Agency & social network reach

Ready to take off?