Choices Markets


Choices Markets wanted to test and promote 10 newly listed bread SKUs from Silver Hills Bakery, Carbonaut, and Little Northern Bakehouse that were hitting shelves in March 2021.

What we've done

1. 470,000+ Views

2. 250,000+ Reach

3. 250+ Clicks

4. 50%+ Sales

The Opportunity

Choices Markets wanted to better understand how to drive trial that translated into sustainable sales over time.

The Process

To increase brand awareness and in-store sales, the GreenFresh Media team ran a combination of geo-targeted ads to consumers living near Choices Markets locations with a small number of nano influencers. This ad informed consumers about the products, the brand, it highlighted the featured retail price and most importantly it showed consumers where in store the product was located. The influencers shopped Choices Markets and shared their shopping experience.

The Solution

The ad campaign generated 470,000 views and more than 250 clicks to Choices website. This resulted in an 50% lift in sales across all SKUs.


Canadians reached in 2021


Clicks generated to eCommerce platforms


Active influencer in our database


Podcast shows, 40,000 monthly downloads


Agency & social network reach

Ready to take off?